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I’m Sunayana Chatrapathy, currently doing a Rural Development Fellowship with SBI- Youth for India.

In this blog, I record my experiences at work – visiting villages, learning, unlearning, relearning, meeting new people, appreciating every person’s intellect and so much more. This blog is a record I hope to maintain for myself. I do hope others who read do get to take away something too!




3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Awesome work Su! I just read one blog or urs and watched the enbedded video. Literally got me goosebumps!
    And the flow of the writeup in the blog is so uninterrupted and complete that for a person like me who is hardly into reading ended up reading the entire blog at one go. I would like to keep myself inspired by being kept posted of all the updates on ur blog. If there is a way to subscribe please let me know.


    • Hey thanks so much for reading! 🙂
      To subscribe, in the “Stories” section, there’s an option on the right side to follow blog via email. Just put your email id there and you’ll get a mail when I update my blog. 🙂


      • Sunayana, u r very lucky to have this experience as u r one among the few to be selected for the social work. To work in one of the most backward states of India as my knowledge goes. Still we have to know many information
        To get. Still being away from home, Husband and friends working for a cause is amazing well appreciated. All the best. Mkk


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