The quest continues..

After a rewarding year with Gram Vikas in Odisha, adventurous travels across India with Anand for 4 months, volunteering with BBMP for the no-plastic drive, chilling at home for a couple of months (It now feels justified as I spent time with paati before she left us for a better place); I finally figured I have to be more useful.

Having inferred that education is the solution to most problems and having seen what difference education can make based on my experiences in Odisha, I decided that I want to somehow contribute to this. My quest  finally found its path last Monday when I joined MakkalaJagriti – a non-profit organization working towards the holistic development of children.  I joined after volunteering for some time at one of the MJ centres and understanding what they really stand for. MakkalaJagriti runs holistic development centres for underprivileged children in government schools and also in urban slums. MJ works towards the development of Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative and Emotional aspects in children. This is achieved through planned interventions and activities including reading programs, language development, computer education, life skills sessions, soft skills sessions, civic awareness sessions, creative art, theme based projects, sports, dance, drama, excursions etc.


There are several aspects about MakkalaJagriti that drew me to it – the centers are really welcoming, so full of positive energy and offer children the freedom to express and explore.  The on-the-ground facilitators are really strong and love working with children. MJ works with government schools which I believe really need to be strengthened – since the govt. schools are free, they are still reaching the really underserved communities. They address children in urban slums – the children in such communities are exposed to violence, abuse, alcoholism etc. (not from hearsay or cliché, something which I saw and experienced). And most of all, what matters most is that MakkalaJagriti works on holistic development – I really liked that the focus is on all aspects of development and not just on academics.

It is surely still early days for me to say more, but I hope to get your support for our endeavors at Makkalajagriti and we promise it reaches the right children and for the right purpose.

Any of you who want to contribute, as of now, we are doing a fundraising campaign (sigh, the bane of a non-profit organization, there is no escaping from fundraising) and hoping all you good people contribute generously to help a child receive holistic education. Click here if you want to contribute.